What can we do for you?


We are here to assist you! We can work together to address your problems and needs. Perhaps you just want someone to talk to or need a bit of advice? We will be pleased to listen to you if this is the case. Simply visit, phone or chat with us. Talking about things can help you to discover what you want and identify the possibilities. 

We can help you with:

Financial problems

Do you have debts, administration problems or difficulties making ends meet? Do you need an honest accountant? Do you have questions about insurance or taxes? We will help you and put you on the right track.


Do you want a different job, but don’t know how to go about it? Are you scared about how employers or colleagues will react? We are in contact with employers and municipalities and can help you to find paid work. We have our own work experience shop in Amsterdam and we can also help you to find volunteer work, Dutch lessons, training courses or an apprenticeship.


Have you been involved with a pimp, human trafficking, exploitation or force? We will help you to change this situation and give you the necessary support. Do not think it is impossible for you to break free! We can also help when you contact the police, the immigration service or a lawyer.


Do you sometimes feel lonely or need people you can really trust; who will believe you and encourage you? We will support you to establish good relationships with other people and put you in touch with a buddy so you can talk and share pleasant experiences.

Psychological problems

Do you feel depressed, fearful or confused, or do you have issues with alcohol or drugs? Do you suffer from painful memories or stress? We will listen to you, help you finding the cause of your problems and identify an approach that actually works. We will sometimes do this together with other organisations in the mental healthcare sector, who we know very well and who are qualified and trustworthy.

Practical problems

For example, a place to live we know how difficult it can be to find affordable accommodation. We cannot do miracles, but want to help you in your search; you will not be alone!


Do you have physical complaints or concerns about your health? We can help you to receive good care, even if you are not insured. Do you have difficulties making an appointment with the doctor or attending all by yourself? We will be pleased to make an appointment and can also accompany you.


Questions about spirituality or faith can play a major role when you encounter problems in your life. We will be pleased to discuss them with you.


Is there something else on your mind? Talk to us and click here if you are curious about how we will deal with your questions.