“I have regained my feeling of self-worth”

I am under a lot of stress

‘I see a small part of the street from window. I am familiar with every tile and every detail because I am always staring at them. The days are long - long and tiring. I work until late at night in order to get a few customers. The people become crazier as the evening progresses, but I have to pay my rent.

I still know how I arrived here a few years ago. At that time, I did not think it would be so bad; I would make money and that would compensate for the rest. But now, a few years later, I find myself even deeper in trouble. My debts are increasing and, every month, I worry about being able to pay my rent and whether I will have anything left over to send to my family.’

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Forcing, manipulating or exploiting sex workers is a crime.


The world of prostitution is hard and complicated; sometimes you cannot deal with things yourself and need a bit of help. The social workers at Scharlaken Koord know these problems and have over 30 years’ experience in helping and supporting women in prostitution. We offer this help thanks to subsidies from municipalities and the government. This means you do not have to pay for our support. We can help you with a whole variety of issues. Feel free to read this page or contact us for further information. You can phone, e-mail or chat. You are always welcome!

‘If I need assistance, I know Scharlaken Koord will do something to help. It is an organisation I trust.’ Lizzie (25) – worked in a club in Haarlem.

What can we do for you?

Your wishes will be prioritised and we will work together to see what you need. This can, for example, involve helping you to complete forms or contacting the tax authority or immigration services. Perhaps you have encountered force or violence and want help leaving the world of prostitution? Once again, we are here to help you. Do you not (yet) know what you need or simply want someone to talk to? Then please feel free to contact us.. We are here to assist you! The support we offer varies greatly and is catered to your needs. We can work together to find the best solution for you!

Take a look at the support we offer. You are always welcome!

How does it work?

You can e-mail , phone or chat with us or speak to someone in person at one of our offices in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Almere and Heerhugowaard. We can then get to know one another and discuss the assistance you need. We can compile a plan and adopt a step-by-step approach for addressing your needs. You will be assigned a fixed social worker, who will help you and can also accompany you during appointments with, for example, the municipality, a doctor or a lawyer. Our assistance is free of charge and your privacy will always be safeguarded. Interested? Check out our process.


Your life will change greatly when you leave the world of prostitution. It can be an uncertain period, where you leave prostitution behind and take the first steps to move elsewhere.
You may encounter feelings of inferiority, guilt, shame and fear of being rejected. Or perhaps you have lived in isolation for a long time, are having difficulties processing traumatic experiences or are very busy arranging all kinds of practical issues. All things that could prevent you from meeting other people.
That’s why we have set up our ‘buddy project’; someone to share nice and positive experiences, give you a bit of support, listen to you and simply be there for you.

‘Sometimes I no longer know who I am, but I can be myself with my buddy’. Romana (35) – already in contact with her buddy for a year.

Do you have questions? Then please feel free to contact us!

Second Step

Our second-hand shop, which is called Second Step, is located in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. You can visit this special location if you decide to leave the world of prostitution. The shop can be used to gain work experience or get your life back on the rails. Second Step will give you plenty of opportunities to meet other women who have also worked in the field of prostitution. Do you want to gain work experience in sales or catering and do you want to take concrete steps to get your life back on the rails? Then Second Step is the perfect place for you. You are always welcome!

‘Second Step changed my life; it is the best place for me! I learned that I have a lot of talents and can stand on my own two feet.’ Rebecca (43) – met social workers from Scharlaken Koord on the street.