Privacy disclaimer live chat

We believe your privacy is very important and do everything to protect it. What you can expect from us has been listed below. 

Your IP address will automatically be saved for 365 days and will be deleted automatically thereafter. Your IP address cannot be seen by Scharlaken Koord in the chat application. Only software developer ‘Serviant B.V.’ will be able to access your IP address and will never share it with Scharlaken Koord. Your IP address will be saved so it is possible to (temporarily) block the IP address if the chat feature is repeatedly and deliberately abused. It will also be used to automatically estimate the number of unique clients.
Personal information exchanged during the chat conversation will be stored for 365 days within the chat application by Serviant B.V., after which it will be deleted. This will give the chat assistant time to re-read the conversation and further process it. The conversation can also be used for an evaluation between the chat assistant and his/her personal coach.