“I can no longer bear this place”


How does it work?
You can chat using the button below; this can also be done anonymously. We then jointly discuss what kind of help you need. Chat assistants will address your questions with respect. Our assistance is free of charge and your privacy will always be safeguarded. So do not hide your questions or problems; we are here to assist you!

  • Hi, I had a bad experience with sex work
  • Good to contact us! Want to tell what happened?
  • Yesterday I was cheated during my work. I feel so stupid about that ...
  • Hey, how awful! What happened?
  • Yes, please, thanks for listening

Angel, 24

You always visit my window, even if it is cold or raining. For me that is very special.'

Street work

Do you work in the red-light district of Amsterdam or Haarlem? Or in a club or private home in this region? Then you are very likely to encounter street workers from Scharlaken Koord.

We walk the streets every week in order to meet you and give you the opportunity to share your story. We visit you at your place of work because we want you to know how we can help you.

Working in prostitution can be difficult and demanding. Sometimes you need a listening ear or practical assistance when, for example, taking care of debts or arranging insurance. We also want to help you in such cases. And if you do not need us, we will simply go to the next window. We look forward to meeting you!

Digital fieldwork

Do you work in your own home or find clients via the internet? Do you have questions about practical issues or do you sometimes need to speak to someone? We can also help you in such cases. We realise it may be difficult for you to visit one of our care points, so have given you the chance to (anonymously) contact us via the chat feature, e-mail or phone. You are always welcome!

What can we do for you?

We may have already sent you a text message. We regularly check adverts on adult websites to send messages to women in this line of work. We hope you realise that we are here to help you and can offer a listening ear. Are you inconvenienced by the messages we send you? Then respond to a message and we will stop sending them in the future.